Buy a mobile phone cover that lets you unlock phones easily

At times we think so much about the safety of our phones that we forget its handiness. There are certain mobile phone covers that don’t let you handle or even unlock your screen in a jiffy.

We know how much problematic it can get when we cannot find our phones inside our bags. We keep hearing the ring yet we cannot trace it back to the place from where it is ringing. It is some kind of protection that we feel our bags give the phone so that we do not leave it from our hand at the place where we sat only for a few minutes. Carrying phones in your hands can make the device exposed to sweat, dust and heat from your hands.

So the best option is to put a cover on them- the complete pair with a screen guard and back cover or wallet case. But you should know that there are certain faulty screen guards that hamper the efficiency of the mobile touch. Usually the low quality and unauthentic ones have these problems which we tend to buy most of the time for their affordability.

No matter how much we can spend on a new mobile we are never free to spend much on its necessary accessories. While there are few screen guards and case that do not last even a month and there are certain that can harm your phone in place of protecting it.

Hazards of faulty screen covers

The first problem with a bad screen guard is that it will come off in a few due to cheap and bad quality stickers. Moister gets inside the screen cover and the screen surface becomes patchy trapping air and dust. This in turn makes the screen surface get very fine lines or scratches.

The touch might become less sensitive with duplicate materiel screen guards which don’t even allow you to unlock phones by typing your password. There are some mobile covers that have front flaps that give a certain plastic opening on the cover which lets you answer calls without opening the cover. Several of these cases are faulty and thus every time before answering calls it gets late when you have to swipe four five times to do the job. 

The right place for affordable and good quality phone covers

With mobile phone accessories and screen guards from Mobansp- unlock phones very easily. With the right prices and authentic products they value customer satisfaction and the protection of your phones and tablets. They have screen guards and back covers or phone wallet cases for all brands of phones in innovative designs and durable qualities. Do some research on the cheapest yet toughest of the lot and protect your phone.

When you have inconveniences to handle your phone due to the bad quality of your mobile cover or screen guards then it needs to be changed so that it doesn’t create any permanent damage to your phone. 


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